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Scottish Constitutional Futures Forum

The Scottish Constitutional Futures Forum is an initiative of academics from five Scottish Law Schools- those of the Universities of Aberdeen, Dundee, Edinburgh, Glasgow and Strathclyde. 

The Edinburgh Centre of Constitutional Law will work closely with the SCFF - Centre Director Stephen Tierney and members Christine Bell and Neil Walker are founding coordinators of the Forum - in coordinating events and other activities.

The first event 'Devo Max'? Devo Plus'? What is the Third Option?' (2 November 2012 - University of Glasgow) was addressed by Professor Stephen Tierney, Director of the Edinburgh Centre and Professor Alan Page, School of Law, University of Dundee.

The Forum has been set up to address the wide range of issues bearing upon the constitutional choice facing the people of Scotland today. We have a unique opportunity to debate and decide Scotland's constitutional future in a manner that is inclusive, well-informed and open-minded. But for this to happen we need to ensure the circulation of information and the discussion of ideas is not confined to the official campaigns and their party political backers. Our Forum plans to contribute to this wider process.

Over the next two years we will host regular discussions of the key constitutional questions which arise. Is the referendum the right way to proceed? Have we correctly identified the key constitutional options? What happens to defence, currency, social citizenship or human rights under independence or enhanced devolution? What new or amended political institutions - parliamentary, executive or judicial - would we need in a constitutionally renewed Scotland? We will debate these and many other questions in a way which draws upon comparative expertise and experience, in so doing involving and engaging with a wide range of Scottish groups and interests.

The SCFF website also provides resources for those seeking to be informed about the ongoing constitutional debate, and, via our blog, up-to-date commentary on the unfolding issues. Please visit for details of forthcoming events and to read the opening blog post by Professor Alan Page from the University of Dundee.

The founding members of the forum are Professor Paul Beaumont, University of Aberdeen, Professor Aileen McHarg, University of Strathclyde, Professor Alan Page from the University of Dundee , Professor Tom Mullen, University of Glasgow, and Professors Christine Bell, Stephen Tierney and Neil Walker, all of the University of Edinburgh.

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