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Christine Bell, 'The Role of Human Rights in Peace Settlements – A Twenty-Five Year History. Northern Ireland’s Past and Current Struggles in Global Perspective'

2015 Livingstone Lecture, Queen's University Belfast, 23 November 2015


Christine Bell at ICON·S 2015 Conference, Plenary Session on Trends and Troubles in Constitution-Making: Constitution, Revolution, and Revolutionary Constitutionalism, 3 July 2015


Neil Walker at ICON·S 2015 Conference, Plenary Session on Secession and Federation, 1 July 2015


Michael Burgess, 'The British Penchant for Federalism', 23 April 2015

Keynote lecture, 'How Federal Is Britain?' conference.

BelConLawBlog Interview with Stephen Tierney, 29 October 2014

Stephen Tierney interviewed by Prof Tom Ruys following his lecture at Ghent University titled 'Should the People decide? Referendums in the Post-Sovereign Age - The Scottish and Catalonian Cases'.

Neil Walker, 'Constraining Global Politics: The Limits of Global Law', The Center for Global Ethics and Politics, 23 October 2014


Christine Bell on the response to the Scottish Independence debate in Northern Ireland, 12 August 2014

A presentation from the ScotCen/AQMeN event 'The Independence Referendum Campaign: Help or Hindrance?'.


The Legal Jurisdictions of the United Kingdom, 9 June 2014

The Right Honourable Dominic Grieve QC MP, Attorney General address. See full transcript of the address here.

Scottish Constitutional Future: Views and Counter-views

Stephen Tierney speaking at The Law Society of Scotland event on 10 April 2014

BREAKOUT - A New Kind of Politics from The Law Society of Scotland on Vimeo.

Scottish independence: Constitutional implications for the rest of the UK

Evidence given by Professors Alan Boyle, Michael Keating, and Stephen Tierney to the House of Lords Constitutions Committee on 5 March 2014

European and External Relations Committee - Scottish Parliament, 5 December 2013 

Evidence given by Stephen Tierney.


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Michael Ignatieff Keynote Address Nationalism and Globalisation Event Edinburgh, 23 May 2013



Martin Loughlin Keynote Address Edinburgh Postgraduate Law Conference, 2 December 2013

Referendum (Scotland) Bill Committee - Scottish Parliament, 16 May 2013 

Evidence given by Neil Walker.


Referendum (Scotland) Bill Committee - Scottish Parliament, 15 November 2012

Evidence given by Navraj Singh Ghaleigh.


Tilburg Law Review interview with Neil Walker, 24 July 2012

Read the full text of the interview here.


Neil Walker, 'Intimations of Global Law', Montesquieu lecture at Tilburg Law School, 21 June 2012


Christine Bell, 'The Impact of Human Rights in the International System', 18 January 2012 

Part of the ISN Podcasts series at ETH Zürich.


Christine Bell inaugural lecture, 'Constitutional Futures and Political Imagination: Dealing with Conflict', 6 December 2011


Christine Bell, 'Dealing with the Past: Peace v Justice?', 8 November 2011

Part of the Our Changing World public lecture series at the University of Edinburgh.


Neil Walker, 'Legal Pluralism and Legal Universalism in a Global Context', Jack & Mae Nathanson Centre on Transnational Human Rights, Crime, and Security, Ontario Legal Philosophy Partnership and Osgoode Hall Law School, 4 November 2011


Stephen Tierney, 'Democratic Character of Referendums', 10 March 2010

Part of the Law Research Seminars 2009/10 series at the University of Westminster.


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