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Constitutional Law Discussion Group

The Constitutional Law Discussion Group (CLDG) is co-ordinated by PhD students at Edinburgh Law School and aims to provide a structured forum for debate on constitutional issues in the Law School, especially at the student level. The Group operates with support from the Edinburgh Centre for Constitutional Law.

The Group’s primary activity is a fortnightly one-hour discussion on issues concerning constitutional law. At each meeting a member of the group or a guest briefly introduces a topic, such as a recent case or publication of note, which provides the basis for an open discussion. Topics covered in past meetings have included the Icelandic constitutional referendum of 2012, the constitutional set-up of Hong-Kong and Macau, the pros and cons of a British bill of rights, the 2014 Catalan independence referendum, the aftermath of the Leveson report and many more. 

For more information on the Group’s activity, see the CLDG website here.

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