Section: Consultancy


Centre members work at the cutting edge of developments in constitutional law, constitution-making, peace-building, electoral law, human rights and environmental law.

The Centre can provide specialised consultancy in a wide-range of areas to governments, international organisations and companies.

Areas of Expertise

  • Constitution-making
  • Design of federal and multi-level constitutions
  • Election process, electoral law and referendum law
  • Environmental law and the law of climate change
  • Human rights and minority rights
  • Peace-building and peace treaties
  • Judicial review 
  • Arbitration and dispute settlement


Centre members have advised a wide range of international organisations, national and sub-national governments and legislatures, and private bodies. 

Organisations we have advised include:

  • UN Secretary-General 
  • European Commission 
European Commission (DG Industry), 2010, Legal Framework on Human Rights and Environment Applicable to European Enterprises Operating Outside the EU
  • The Office of the High Commissioner on Human Rights
  • Office of the High Representative, Brcko, Bosnia and Herzegovina, 2004, advising on draft Law on Financing of Political Parties
  • United Kingdom Government 
HMG (DEFRA)/AEA, 2012, Report on air pollution and odour
  • United Kingdom Parliament
House of Commons Scottish Affairs Committee
House of Lords Constitution Committee
  • Scottish Government
  • Scottish Parliament
Scotland Bill Committee
Referendum Bill committee
  • The Privy Council of Canada 
  • The British Council 
  • Scottish Power, 2010 advising on international climate policy


If you would like to discuss our services please contact us or contact a member of the Centre for Constitutional Law. 

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